Lowongan Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap ( Tanjung Jati Rembang – Salary lumayan 4 jutaan)

Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap ( Tanjung Jati Rembang – Salary lumayan 4 jutaan), Formulir silahkan di


We cordially invite the young and talented people who will play an important role in the power industry, the economic driving force of Indonesia.

PT. KPJB, which consists of KOMIPO and PT. PJB as shareholders, operates and maintains Tanjung jati B 3&4 (2ⅹ660MW) coal fired power plant. The station is located at Desa Tubanan Kecamatan, Kembang Kabupaten Jepara Jawa Tengah.

  1. 1. Areas
Level Classification Field Total persons Specialty
High School graduates SMEA / Social Administration Approx. 50 persons Not restricted
STM / Science Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical

※ In case of STM/Science, employee can be positioned at day work or shift work.

※ Applicants of experienced and higher education level will be preferred.

  1. 2. Eligibility Requirements
Classification Requirements Remarks
Education ▪ Graduates from 3 year high school or above
Age ▪ Born on or after January 1st, 1980
Languange Skill ▪ Must be able to speak and write in English
Others ▪ Must be able to start working on Dec. 2010
  1. 3. Procedure and Time schedule
No Recruitment Process Date
1 Notification 10.15 ~ 10.25
2 Receipt of Application 10.15 ~ 10.25
3 1st Result Announcement 11.01
4 Written Exam & Psycology test 11.03
5 2nd Result Announcement 11.08
6 Interview test 11.08 ~ 11.12
7 3rd Result Announcement 11.16
8 Physical Check Up 11.22 ~ 11.24
9 Final Result Announcement 11.30

※ Method of Submission :

ü  You can submit your application letter in the following with cover as below :

To :

Finance & Administration Manager


Desa Tubanan Kecamatan Kembang Kabupaten Jepara Jawa Tengah, PLTU Tanjung Jati B unit 3&4

Classification : ………………………………

Sender : ………………………………

ü  or you can submit your application via E-mail : recruitment.kpjb@gmail.com

※ Paper screening assesses educational background, accreditation, working experience, English

proficiency, certificates/qualifications, etc

※ Interview consists of General interview and English interview

※ Result of each step will be informed to applicants via homepage :

www.komipo.co.kr/english or by E-mail and mobile phone message

  1. 4. Application Documents

q  Application Form (*applicants can download the form on the Komipo homepage)

ü  Homepage address : www.komipo.co.kr/english/

q  Copy of Highest Graduation Certificate and transcript for all accreditations

ü  It should be verified and signed by the authorized personnel of school

q  Copy of state-verified technical certificates and special license (if applicable)

q  SKCK(Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian)

q  Copy of certificate of working careers (if applicable. Indicate the duties by period)

ü  It should be verified and signed by the previous company

q  Copy of Resident Identity card (including the previous changes in addresses)

q  Notice letter of Health from Puskesmas

※ All documents submitted will not be returned

  1. 5. Others

q  The applicant shall be responsible for any disadvantages due to errors or omissions in the application form. And any false information may disqualify the applicant as a probationer.

q  Disqualification Criteria :

ü  If the person is adjudicated bankrupt and his/her civil rights have not been restored

ü  If the person is failed in obtaining SKCK(Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian)

ü  If the person has the sentence temporarily suspended or is currently on probation

ü  If 5 years have not elapsed since the person has been dismissed by his/her former employer(s) due to the neglect of duties or other serious problems

q  All recruitment and selection process is free of charge. We are not responsible if there are other parties are promising and provide job security beyond the provisions of our official.

Further Information :

Finance & Admin Division (0291-4270540)

Registration No.
Application Field


Full Name Sex
Date of birth Marital Status
E-mail Religion
Telephone  No. (Home)                            (M.P)
Current Address (Zip code:          )


Period (From/To) Name of School Subjects Studied and Degree
.   ~    .
.   ~    .
.   ~    .
.   ~    .


* A: Excellent  B: Good  C: Poor TOEFL (TOEIC) Score
Foreign Language Program handling Skill
English Speaking (  ) / Writing (  ) MS Word
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint

* In case of TOEFL score, category(PBT, CBT, IBT) must be marked


Name of Certifacate and Qualification Date obtained Obtained from


Relation Name Age Occupation


Company Duration(YY/MM) Job Description
.    ~    .
.    ~    .
.    ~    .
.    ~    .



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