Lowongan PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg bekasi

Job Opportunity

PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. offers challenging career opportunities to meet one’s high career expectation. We are seeking highly qualified individuals to be our leaders in the future. For your information, 80 percent of our manager-level and higher-level leaders have started their careers from the staff level. We are hopeful that you will be able to well integrate intelligence, spirit, self-confidence, willingness to learn, positive working attitudes and communication skills to make Show Indonesia the leading company in the automotive components business.

To apply for a job at PT Showa Indonesia Mfg., a job seeker has to register and enter necessary data (e-resume). The vacancies are:


4 Tanggapan

  1. saya mohon dikirim alamat email pengurus blog ini

  2. tolong di email lowogan pekerjaan ke email ini ya pa

  3. SUBANG,../../2010


    Dear Sir,

    Regarding to Your Advertisement in Brother. I’m Interested in Joining and Developing with Your Company and I Would Appreciate it if You Could Consider Me as an Applicant to Fill the Vacant Position As STAFF OFFICER (SO). I have Enclosed My Curriculum Vitae and Supporting Documents as a First Step in Exploring the Possibilities of Employment with this Company.

    My name is RONI DARWIS, ST. In My Capacity as Dean of ENGINEERING Faculty, University of Pasundan Bandung (UNPAS) Bandung, Majoring in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (Out Of 4.00 Scale).

    Beside studying at University of Pasundan Bandung (UNPAS) Bandung. I have Developed My Industrial Experiences When I had Joined in PT. PAPERTECH INDONESIA As (STAFF PPIC), PT. PRAJA CIPTA PERKASA As (STAFF COST CONTROL/ROOMBOY), PT. TOTOKU INDO As (STAFF PPIC) & The Last Company PT.SAMCON INDONESIA As (STAFF WAREHOUSE KB) Until Now, etc……

    I have Strong, Dynamic Personality and Analitycal ability,Honest,Work Hard and I’m Accustomed to Working Together in a Team-Work and Cooperation with other people. Furthermore, I can Learn Many Things Fast and Quite Adaptive with new Situation, Finally for that reason, I’m sure that I can fill the Qualification that you need.

    I have enclosed My Curriculum Vitae, Supporting Documents and Recent Photograph as a first step in Exploring the Possibilities of Employment with this Company. I look forward hearing from you. Thank you for your Consideration.

    Thank’you & Best Regard

    MOBILE PHON : 085287819749/081315220020

  4. Personal data

    Name : Achmad Irham Mahroza

    Sex : Male

    Marital status : Single

    Place / Date of birth : Bekasi / 20 September 1990

    Phone : 0838-9033-8277 or 0813-8374-9374 or 0812-8278-470

    E-mail address : rozamahroza@gmail.com

    Pendidikan Formal : Tamatan SMU 2009-2010 berijazah

    Pendidikan Non Formal : Balai Pelatihan Ketenagakerjaan Bekasi Dinas Tenaga Kerja Dan Transmigrasi Pemerintahan Provinsi Jawa Barat 2010 (Mekanik Listrik Industri)

    Besar harapan saya dapat bertemu Bapak / Ibu pimpinan direksi langsung dan menjalani proses interview sesuai dengan jadwal Bapak / Ibu berikan.
    Sambil menantikan berita selanjutnya, saya sampaikan terima kasih atas segala perhatian yang Bapak / Ibu berikan.

    Hormat saya,

    (Achmad Irham Mahroza)
    0838-9033-8277 or 0813-8374-9374 or 0812-8278-470

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